Standards Under Public Review

Instructions: Stakeholders, i.e., those people or organizations interested in or affected by the standard, are invited and encouraged to participate in public review.

Reviewers should submit their comments using the public review comment form, which requires both identification of the problem and a recommended solution. The form contains instructions for submitting comments.

Comments on front-matter will be reviewed and addressed by AHRI staff.


Standards Under Public Review
Public review comment form
Draft of BSR/AHRI Standard 1210-202x (SI/I-P) Comments accepted Sept 1 through Oct 16 2023
Draft of BSR/AHRI Standard 1330-202x (SI) Limited Revisions Comments accepted Sept8 thru Oct 23 2023
Revised draft AHRI Standard 560-202x (I-P) Comments accepted Sept 8 through Oct 24 2023
Public Review Revision AHRI Standard 110-202x (SI/I-P) Comments accepted 9.29.23 thru 11.13.23

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